Hybrid Bag Design

Objective: Improve the ergonomics of and ability to customize the popular messenger bag.    Solution: A bag that can convert from messenger bag to backpack by adjusting built-in straps, with interchangeable internal dividers employing velcro.

Designed for versatility and utility, the bag features a 100% rainproof roll-top closure and can convert from a messenger bag to backpack on the go.  All adjustments for the wearing straps are within easy reach of the user, and accessory straps provide extra storage for extra layers or gear. When not rolled for water resistance, the oversized collar provides extra storage in a pinch. Inside divider pockets are removable providing many possibilities of configuration and modularity. Loops on the sides are designed to accept modular components such as camera cases or bottle holders. Prototype and construction sketches 2007.


Mod Boxes Design

Designed to provide storage, mobility, and versatility for college students living in cramped spaces who move frequently. The multitude of configurations possible make them a great choice for irregularly shaped rooms, they work with existing shelving too!  It's not necessary to unload the shelving units to transport belongings as individual boxes unscrew and are sturdy moving boxes. They are stackable and easy to carry via the hand holds on all sides.  If that's not enough, one unit by itself makes a perfectly sized impromptu seat, and two units tall is a great height for a table.


2nd Place: LIVE GREEN Sustainable Housing Competition

Our team of 6 (Artists, Designers, and Engineers) came up with a design using surplus shipping containers to house 1-2 people off-grid year round. To achieve this, our design included solar panels, solar hot water, water collection, solar heaters, and a composting toilet (Requirements). All the 3D modeling was done by me in Google Sketchup Pro with a few components from the 3D Warehouse.


FluoroL.E.D. Bulb Concept

A partner and I collaborated on a project to bring some sustainability to the world of consumer fluorescent lighting. We developed a concept bulb that drops into existing fluorescent housings and is illuminated via L.E.D.s. Laser cut acrylic at the bulb's core serves as the holder for the L.E.D.s and wiring. A 120v - 12.6v mini transformer was used to help step down some of the power.

Fashion Photography

For our Digital 1 final assignment, we were required to make up a fashion trend, photograph a model dressed in our trend, and Photoshop a faux VOGUE cover and 3 page article or feature.


Simple 3D Models/ Renders

I am currently enrolled in 3D Modeling and Animation.  This course covers polygonal modeling in Maya, as well as basic lighting and rendering skills, UV mapping, basic character rigging, and keyframe animation.  Included are some screen captures of rendered objects in Maya from the beginning of the semester.  A short animation is in progress for the final project.

Custom Keyboard Rack/case for Mother Brother

Matt from the band Mother Brother wanted to mount his midi keyboard and sampler over his vintage Elka organ. Height and angle-adjustable custom bracketry was designed and fabricated to mount a tray over the organ keyboard. The tray is walnut veneer plywood and has a top for protection during travel. 


Last Night's Bike Ride

Fall is fading fast in Ann Arbor. I was struck by the light from streetlamps interacting with the colorful leaves at night in Ann Arbor while on a bike ride, so I took a photo journey. Enjoy.


Recycle Chair

For this project our goal was to reduce the materials (weight) used in this found chair by at least 40%, while adding overall comfort. We were allowed to use 'found' and 'recycled' material. Chair turned out great, is quite comfy and tested to hold 265lbs.

Action Photography

Rider: Canio Carlucci in New Canaan, CT. 

Full Suspension Bike Sketch

Graphite sketch from observation.

Habitrap: Mouse Trap Design

Limited by a simple but pleasing palate of materials, this mousetrap is not harmful to humans, pets, or even mice, and is usable over and over again. Careful consideration has been made to the design and aesthetic as not to create an eyesore when enticing and capturing mice. Hidden magnets provide the trigger for the false floor.

Waveny Photoshoot - New Canaan, CT

Photos from thanksgiving break, Waveny Park, New Canaan, CT.

Ipod shuffle Headphones

Through a sneaker deal I acquired an iPod shuffle. The real advantage to the shuffle is its size, but with headphones and a cord it is basically just as much of a nuisance as any other iPod or Mp3 player. I decided i wanted to attach the shuffle to a pair of headphones and make it detachable also. This is what I came up with.


F.O.K.U.S. Show Me Your Sole : Sneaker Design Comp

I encourage everyone reading to check out the next F.O.K.U.S. event that you see advertised. I had a great time at this one, which included a sneaker showcase, great music, break dancing, and a sneaker design contest in the Duderstat Gallery in Ann Arbor, MI. I also want to thank everyone for voting my design of the Air Force 180's for 'Dopest Color Scheme' and 'Most Rockable in Real Life'. $40 gift certificate compliments of Footprints in Ann Arbor.

Logo Doodles

Sketches from a particularly interesting Marketing 300 presentation and Psychology discussion section. Hit me up for some freelance!

U of M Library Photo Contest Entries

Submitted two images.  Pictured is the new Ross School of Business building.

Planet Earth to Squirrels - Ann Arbor, MI

Moc-umentary Planet Earth style. Video, editing and voice-overs by Matt Grandin. Shot in HD. 2009.

New Furniture Design in the Works

Working on a new modular/ versatile furniture shelving project for an advanced studio. The four piece set enables a multitude of configurations, some of which are highlighted below.

LIVE GREEN: T-shirt Designs

Logo and T-shirt design for the LIVE GREEN Sustainable housing competition, sponsored by The School of Art & Design, Michigan Engineering, and Taubman School of Architecture.


Wakelux : Wakeboard Boat Concepts and Sketches

Concept designed during Sketching Ideas, a 300 level studio course at the University of Michigan. Please click images for closeups. Comments and crit. are welcome!

Features include a ride-on jet ski, winch operated tow rope, sound system, integrated tower, multiple color schemes, and seating for 11, and was my first experience with Photoshop rendering of sketches.

School Clock Faces

This project was a response to the notion of how humans regard and follow time. I based this response on the different significance different times have for different people. This project was started back in 2007, and still has not reached completion.


I Saw it in Ohio

Taken on a long drive from Michigan to Ohio. Both make good desktop backgrounds. 2008

Bike Graphics Design

Dumpster-sourced Univega frame. Custom designed graphics and paint. Various new and used parts.


U of M School Spirit - St. Patty's Day Tee

This design, based on the lucky Boston Celtics Jersey and developed by yours-truly, may or may not actually be realized this year in time for St. Patty's day. We will see. Champion logo developed for those who enjoy copyright estrangement (that's close, but not enough). Enjoy!

Nanners Apparel Graphics

A good friend of mine from Connecticut is starting an apparel company, based currently out of UNH in New Hampshire. I'm currently doing some freelance work for them.
Shop through Big Cartel or check their blog.


"I Voted" Poster

This poster is a response to the 2008 elections. The goal was to link relevant issues with the act of voting in an impartial way. All photographs by Matt Grandin used with permission.

Rush Alpha Delta - School of Art & Design Tee

T-shirt design for a screenprinting workshop I taught at the U of M School of Art & Design.


Hand drawn poster for the UNNATURAL SELECTION animal freak show 2035. The Kingdom of Mutants will be available for viewing Afternoons 2-5 and Evenings 7-9. 100% Hand inked poster. Matthew Grandin 2009.

Graphic Logo Sketching

Some logo sketches from various notebooks, scrap papers, doodles, etc.
Looks much better in full view obviously. Looking for freelance work!


Stop Motion Animation : Graffiti

Stop Motion Animation done in Ann Arbor Michigan, In an alleyway, and in my kitchen. Done for an ADP3 class at the University of Michigan. Sound effects, character animation, production, editing, and Art Design by Matt Grandin. Please Feel free to comment, either here or on Youtube!

Who owns America? - T-shirt design

T-shirts and prints based on a number of high fashion and fortune 500 company logos. These are the people that really own and run America.


Urban Outfitters Shop Drop - Mass Produced Individualism

This piece combines shop-dropping with video to poke some fun at the Urban Outfitters business model of "Mass Produced Individualism".  Urban latches on to underground trends with meaning and feeling behind them, and markets them to people who don't care.  Since shop-dropping is an underground trend, we wanted to boost Urban Outfitters street-cred by making this video in their store.  Visit Urban Counterfeiters for more information.  Song: Time Alone by Josh Martinez

Metal Sculpture - Bike Steer

Constructed during a summer welding course.  Recycled steel and found materials.  2008

Music Swap Poster

Music Swap Event Poster
view HERE

1st Year Graphics

 have finally made it to college. University of Michigan to be exact. Here are some minor works from the first few weeks. Not much to show, but something. Some Photoshop and Illustrator.